Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I crack myself up.....

I've thought this since the first "Twilight" movie! Don't get me wrong, I do love Twilight, but sometimes my brain just goes sideways.......

Marci's Shower

Fun stuff from Marci's shower! Maternity pix to follow :) (I'm STILL editing!)

Friday, August 19, 2011

How dare you

How dare you. How dare you fat cat CEOs in the PRIVATE sector dare to recommend that pensions be cut for the very people who protect your freedoms and rights to make millions off the American people.

How dare you. How dare you worthless, do-nothing politicians even CONSIDER cutting pensions for soldiers who spend 20 YEARS risking their lives, spending months and years away from their families so that YOU can sit in million dollar offices, live in million dollar homes and play God with their lives.

If they are cuts to be made in budgets, pensions, benefits, you people need to start pointing the finger AT YOURSELVES.

How dare you make six figure salaries and live off taxpayer dollars and tell the brave men and women who protect this country and give their LIVES that they don't deserve 50% of their pay for pension after 20 years of service to this great nation.

Go ahead, recommend those cuts. Go ahead, cut the pensions. And see how many Americans are going to risk their lives to protect you.

You make me sick, disgusted and sad to see what my country is willing to sacrifice so that the rich get richer.....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brighton Wrestling Tourney

Ah, wrestling! First, let us dispense with the crappy stuff that happened. First, Jax had a bye his 1st round, which makes for a REALLY long day. We were there for almost 2 hours before Jax got to wrestle. They were awarding medals in some of the other groups before he ever wrestled! Second, I found a good seat and then a nice but annoying lady with a really annoying grandson came and sat next to me. Before Jax had ever wrestled she had us slid clear over next to another guy and there was nowhere for Jax to sit, he sat at my feet. I was sitting on the aisle at the top of the bleachers, right where the balcony seating was, so, OF COURSE, the grandson and a bunch of other kids were climbing the railing to get up....and down....and up...and down...I cannot count the number of times I was kicked in the head, shoulders, had my fingers stepped on.....Anywho, the very worst part of the day came when we were waiting for the boys to be awarded their medals. Evidently, we had the CRAPPIEST mat. They were incredibly slow getting matches started (obviously), we were way behind all the others and THEN when they had awarded almost every other group medals, one of the moms from our group asked the head table when it was going to be our turn for medals. WELL, the kids working our table didn't circle anything on the bout sheets, didn't write down scores, didn't add up anything or assign winners. So, one of the guys from the head table came over to us and asked if we, the parents, knew if our kids had won, lost, how many points they scored....needless to say, there was much eyerolling!
Jax wrestled hard but got pinned both times. He's so funny! After his second match, he says to me, just matter of fact as you please, "Mom, I suck." I was laughing on the inside, but reassured him that he didn't suck, he just needed more practice. I think it was hard for him to get focused and motivated for that 1st match after having to wait so long to wrestle. But he had a great time and we both got to be better friends with Isaac and his parents :) Luckily, he's not discouraged AT ALL. It just rolls off him and he's ready to go again. He's done with practices and now we just have three matches to go and he's done. He's having such a good time though!
The good stuff is below. Cliched though it is, a picture is worth a thousand words and the bottom photo is worth a million. Because that is what it's all about: learning, sportsmanship, FRIENDSHIP and fun.
I have the best kids ever!

Jax and Isaac, 1st match.

Jax and Gentry, 2nd match. Gentry outweighs Jax by about 7 pounds and has about 3 inches on him!
Proud of those muscles and proud to be on the medal stand!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rambling, mostly...

This is going to be a bit of a rambling because, quite frankly, there aren't enough characters available to put all this stuff on my facebook status.....

Charlie Sheen: W. T. F. The man has lost his mind! Where are his dad or his brother to try and rein him in? I check Yahoo! news every day for the announcement that he's either dead or been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. And good for his bosses that they fired him.

Lifetime's new show "Coming Home." Didn't catch it until today, CRIED MY EYES OUT! Which is what the premise of the show is, right? They should probably just call it the Kleenex Hour. However, I enjoyed it and will watch again. Also I LOVE the host! So glad to see Matt Rogers back in the spotlight, sans any American Idol connection. He was always one of my favorite Idols and it's nice to see him doing such a great show. Also, as Lifetime showed a million previews of "Army Wives," I think I'm going to have to Netflix the entire previous seasons and start watching that show.

March Madness: It's upon us and I love it! I'm watching BYU play TCU right now in the MWC tourney. I've watched the "lowlight" of the season so far several times--talking about the Rutgers game last night and LACK of officiating at the end. Smart move on the officials' parts by "withdrawing from further post season action" voluntarily....buncha idiots! PS--I love Jimmer.

My office remodel is FINALLY completed! Just waiting for tax money to pick up a few new things (wireless keyboard and mouse for the 'puter), but I have gone through ALL of my scrapbook supplies (hence the reason this has taken SO long) and I have a big box of supplies that I'm donating to Primary Children's for them to use. When Kati was there that last time, Shannon spent a lot of time in the craft area on the unit making things and who better to get this stuff? I won't use it, but someone there will :)

My laptop is still gone. Shane told me last week that someone called and said that it would be shipped on March 8th or arrive on March 8th; he couldn't understand the caller, big shock there, so he wasn't sure. And here we are, March 10th and still no laptop. During the day I open the blinds and the window over the sink in the kitchen on the off chance I might spot the FedEx truck. Yesterday I passed one while I was taking Jax to school. I nearly turned around and followed it to see if it was coming to my house.......Oh well, it'll arrive when it does, I suppose.

I have FIVE crafty projects on my scrap table I can work on now that the office is finished. I'm still trying to find the right supplies for one project (it's an Easter shadow box out of a ribbon box I have) but I think I know what I'm looking for now. When I do that, I'll post photos. Two projects are clipboards, one for Jaxton to hang on the bulletin board in the kitchen to put his spelling list and reading list on and one for me to put instruction sheets on when I'm putting together page kits. BRING OUT THE MOD PODGE! And the last two are something very CUTE I saw on Scrapbook Memories using Altoids tins! I'm making two, one for me and one for someone who reads this blog, so I can't tell ya who! I'll post photos of that project too. I don't usually make the leeeetle albums they show, because I think they're a waste, but this was too cute not to make....if the first two go well I might make two more, also for two people who read this blog so still can't tell ya.....

Anywho, I feel better now that I've rambled. Thanks for er, reading :) Also, if you want to read real blog comedy, go to The blog she has up right now will make you pee your pants....


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's March

Hello friends,

It's March! It's gorgeous outside and I am SO ready for spring! So what's new huh? Well, wrestling is in full swing, Jax will have his first match on Thursday. It's pretty exciting and it'll be interesting to see how much he's improved over last year. Hayden is getting bigger and more addicted to the Wii every day. We've instituted even more limits because after a while, I just can't take the Wii any more!! LOL. But he loves it, he's good at it and I'm glad. Jakey, ah Jakey. Jakey is recovering nicely from his Dad-inflicted Wii remote wound and subsequent stitches. Pictures and a separate blog on that to follow....Shane is great; work is going really well for him and he's incredibly happy with his shift change. He's counting down the days until the "draft" for Jax's little league baseball and the start of baseball season. But then, I'm counting down the days until Scrapbook Expo USA! (23 days as of today!) I'm ready for the weather to improve so the kids can play outside a little more and I would love to get started on some yard work outside! Meanwhile I've been doing spring cleaning in the house, sorting through the office and making a pile of "yard sale" items!

I've started a new project! Several people I know have done this and I've always wanted to try, so I thought my 33rd birthday was a great day to start! I'm doing a photo book, Project 365, which, for those who don't know, is when you take a photograph EVERY day. Obviously not a hard thing for me! Many of you know of my photography obsession :) It's kinda fun and some days it's easy, but other days it's hard to think of something. But, so far, so good and I've started captioning them. It's been difficult, however, because my laptop is cursed. (Again, another blog to follow later on.) Anyways, I haven't decided yet if I'm going to post/share the photos or not, but I think it'll be a fun thing to do and fun to look back on on my 34th birthday!

Anyhow, things are motoring right along, I'm getting great things done in the scrapbook room (getting ready for Expo), cleaning out lots of cupboards and closets, the kids are growing and growing and life is pretty darn good. :)

Love ya all!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Okay, okay, I'll blog!!

This is going to be a long post.....

Yes, I know. I'm not working right now, so I should be able to blog EVERY day, right? Um, well....first I couldn't blog every day, because I don't have enough to say every day to blog. And secondly, I've had bad luck with the laptop lately!! New Year's Eve morning, the hard drive crashed....AGAIN! I took it in and it took them just over 10 days to "fix" it. By fix it, I mean they forgot they had it, lost the power cord, and finally because I called every day to ask if it was fixed, they "couldn't" transfer old hard drive data to new hard drive and didn't restore all the correct programs. Highly frustrated with the shop right now, but every time I drive by or call, it's the same guy that I don't like there. Sooooooooo, just hoping that I'll get lucky one of these days and one of the good guys will be there. In the meantime, if any of my loyal readers (all three of you....) know someone or someplace that might be able to look at transferring data from one hard drive to another, let me know. The day after I got Ruby (the laptop) back from the computer guys, the kids and dog are running around and tipped the end table over. She fell, landing at a baaaaaaddddd angle. Kinda like in Wayne's World when Garth falls on his keys? Anywho, laptop was plugged in, fell and landed on the edge where the plug was and cracked the bottom housing....which involved an all expenses-paid trip via FedEx to the Dell repair shop! Which took another couple weeks and then she finally arrived home last week. Which was good, my Farmville Farm was looking neglected......

What's new and exciting here? Weeeeeelllllllll...Shane FINALLY got approved for shift change, M-F, no more weekends and off by 3:30pm :) I'm thrilled! No more long Sundays, no more "hurry and eat, it's bedtime!" and just all-around more time for me and the kids to spend with Shane! He's thrilled because now I'll let him coach Little League again! Last year he volunteered to coach Jax's team (at signups in February, before Convergys laid him off) and by the time the season rolled around, he had a new job at Wells Fargo and a crummy work schedule and missed half of the week day games! I told him afterwards that if he didn't have a better work schedule this summer, he couldn't coach. Of course, signups are this coming Saturday and the change got approved Thursday.....
Next, Carolyn and Shane agreed to swap visitation days with Shannon. Works out MUCH better because Carolyn bowls on Tuesdays (one of her visitation days) and Young Women's in our ward is on Tuesday nights, so now Shannon will be with us on Mondays and Tuesdays, she can go to YW's every week, Carolyn can bowl without leaving Shan somewhere and weekends won't change. Win-win-win for all.

The boys remain the same :) Growing, learning, beating up on each other and totally addicted to the Wii and Nintendo. Jake is learning lots of new words every day and is quickly entering that terrible two stage! Jaxton starts wrestling in a couple weeks and Hayden is FURIOUS because he wants to wrestle too, but he has to be four and he's just not old enough yet! Poor little man, he's so ready to play all these sports that Jax plays, but he has a summer birthday and has to wait one more year!

I'm still not working. I really should find a part time job; I need to get out of the house! Luckily Shane and I are doing okay financially and I can stay home right now, but I kinda would like the adult interaction!

And lastly, I may be starting another blog.....more of just a fun blog, mostly about my opinions on everything and anything and not so much about my fam :) If I do that I'll keep you (all three of you) posted!

Anyways...all is well here, I'll try to blog more but otherwise if you wanna know what's new, check me out on Facebook!

Love ya all....

Thursday, November 18, 2010


This is kind of a venting/rambling blog....I think. It's 6:30 on a Thursday morning, I'm awake, which makes for a long day, but there's no one to talk to yet. So, I'm talking to you people......

So, Kate Middleton and Prince William are FINALLY getting married. I hope they are happy and the bizarreness that was his parents' lives skips them entirely. They deserve to be happy.

Harry Potter--don't get it. I know, people don't get the whole Twilight thing either. I do love Twilight, but I don't consider myself an obsessed fan. I have all the books--and by that I mean the ORIGINAL five, not the random "comic books," movie books, "special edition" magazines, etc.,--and the two DVDs that are out. I enjoy the books and the movies and um, yeah that's it. You people who know me well know that my biggest obsession is scrapbooking, but that's a blog for another time....

Casey on Channel 2 news--Is he everywhere or is it just me? I love him; he's funny, pretty adorable and just crazy enough to be entertaining, but WHEN DOES HE SLEEP???? He's on the morning show, he's on the noon show, he has his OWN afternoon show, he's here and there and somewhere else being a DJ, hosting sports viewing parties, whatever. Maybe he has a clone?? Anyway, I do love Channel 2 news in all its formats and all its broadcasters....

So, Pink is pregnant, cool; Tony Parker was stupid enough to screw up his marriage to Eva Longoria (what IS it about athletes that have beautiful wives that they always manage to screw it up??); Bristol Palin is still on DWTS? WTH??? And some dude flipped out and shot his TV and threatened his wife because of it? Really? PEOPLE, turn off the TV and get out of the house sometimes!

Hmmmm, if I wanna fly on a plane now I have a choice, appear naked on a screen in front of God knows who and risk THAT image becoming public or endure public fondling of my person? I think I'll just drive....

I think I'll clean out my coat closet today and the pantry so I can take stuff to the Day of Thanks food and coat drive on November 24th at Smith's Marketplace (90th South and Redwood or Jiffy Lube at 677 East and 400 South).

Alright, time to wake the school children and fix breakfast....

Have a good day y'all!!